Buy Payway Services through Mobile Money

Payway services using Mobile money anywhere across Uganda!

We are happy to announce being agents of Payway. We are now offering their services online at no extra cost to our website readers.

What services do we offer?

Airtime Recharge for all networks in Uganda (Vodafone Uganda, Airtel Uganda, MTN Uganda, Smile, K-Telecom, Smart Telecom) and internet for all Ugandan Networks.

TV subscription payments (DSTV Uganda, Simba TV, Zuku TV, Star Times and Azam)

Umeme Yaka Recharges and World Wide airtime.


How do we offer this services?

The customer will have to send an email requesting the service they are interested in on [email protected] The email should include customer referance numbers incase of Yaka top up or TV subscriptions and the amount they wish to pay. Within a short time they will be reverted with the mobile money number and total amount to send. Only the mobile money charges will be added on transaction amount and not any other additional fees.

Which Mobile money payments do you accept?

For now we accept only two networks. MTN and Airtel

How soon will the requested service be credited?

Within a maximum of 30 minutes on receipt of mobile money to our number.

Will I get a receipt for the transaction?

Yes. Through e-mail.

What Internet Packages are Available?

Unfortunately, you will have to check what packages you want from the respective websites of the telecoms. We will not be able to revert back with what packages you may choose. We support all current packages that are available.

Do you do monthly airtime for corporate?

Yes. We do. call us and we can arrange a meeting. We can put airtime for your staff on a monthly basis.

What about Apple Store(itunes) and Google Play credit?

Yes, we do give Apple store and Google play credit also. You will have to send us your email registered with Apple/Goolge store.

I want credit for Amazon and Ebay USA, can you do that?

Yes, you can send us your registered e-mail on Amazon/Ebay and we will transfer credit voucher to you. While checking out with your cart you will have to select other payments mode and insert the voucher we give you.

Can you Recharge Skype and Mobile Voip?

Yes. We can

What if your recharge services do not work?

This is rarely possible however In that case we will be giving you your reference number. You will have to contact Payway on their toll free customer service for their advise and give them them your transaction reference number which we shall provide.

What are your extra charges for this service?

We shall only charge for withdrawal of amount you will be sending us + transaction charges and no other charges for the service at all!

Can you do virtual master card?

Yes, we can.

What time is this service available?

Working Hours: Mon-Fri 9:00AM To 7:00PM
Sundays & Public Holidays : 11:00AM To 3:00PM

I would want to physically come to you for one of this services, where are you located?

Sure, you can find us on below address:

Pavan Computers, Garden City Shopping Mall, Basement Floor(Capital Shoppers Supermarket Floor), Yusuf Lule Road, Kampala.

Call Us on Landline: +256 790 915 162

E-Mail us at: [email protected]

Working Hours: Mon-Fri 9:00AM To 7:00PM
Sundays & Public Holidays : 11:00AM To 3:00PM

Do you have a question? leave a reply below and we will answer it.

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