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HDMI Extender Over CAT5e/6 (HDMI Signals up to 30 Metres)


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  • Plug the fixed HDMI cable of the sender into the HDMI input source such as: HD-DVD, PS3,STB etc.
  • Connect two Cat 5e/ Cat 6 cables to both the output of the transmitter and input of the receiver.
  • Plug the fixed HDMI cable of the receiver into the HDMI display usch as HD-LCK, HD-DLP.

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Product Description

HDMI Extender Over CAT5e/6. One transmitter module plugs directly into the HDMI source device, such as a Blu-ray player, PC or games console, then 2 x Cat6 cables run to the receiver unit, which plugs straight into the HDMI display – such as a TV, Monitor or Projector). Both network cables are required, and must be connected directly (they can’t go through a network switch or patch panel).

Benefits over a single HDMI cable include the ability to work with existing network cables, and the abillity to run networks cables through smaller spaces or conduit that long HDMI cables can’t fit into. This passive extender can’t go as far as our top of the line model, but gains flexibility of installation by not needing a 240v supply.

HDMI Extender Over CAT5e/6 Features

This HDMI Extender has many features that enable it to perform in a superior manner. Among these features you will find:

  • One pair as a full functional module, no need of setting.
  • CAT 5e/6 cable can substitute HDMI cable in order to achieve long distance transmission.
  • Follow the standard of IEEE-568B
  • Transmission distance can be up to 30 meters for 1080p using CAT 6 cable.
  • Compact size.
  • Signaling rater up to 1.65Gbps in support or 1080p display.
  • HDCP complaint.

Technical Data:

  • Supports 1.65Gbps per channel (4.95Gbps total) bandwidth
  • Supports 8bit per channel (24bit total) deep colour
  • Supports all HDMI audio formats including LPCM, DTS-HD and Dolby True HD
  • Can support 3D signals over reduced distances
  • Can support DVI-D source/screen using DVI adapter(s) not included.

HDMI Cable Extension Range
Extends the HDMI signal length as follows

  • Up to 1080p with CAT6 Cables to distances of 25m
  • Up to 1080i with CAT6 Cables to distances of 30m
  • Up to 1080p with CAT5e Cables to distances of 20m
  • Up to 1080i with CAT5e Cables to distances of 25m

Note: This device requires direct connection. It will not work via network switches/routers/etc

Package Contents:

  • 1 x Sender Module
  • 1 x Receiver Module
  • 1 x User Guide
  • *Please note: this device may not be compatible with Foxtel / AppleTV / Austar devices.
  • Tech tip: Coiled CAT Cables Cause Crosstalk. If you’re seeing visual artefacts or flickering when using long cables, try running them out as any coils can introduce interference.

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