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PHILIPS Coaxial Cable – 100m


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  • Coaxial cable core – 0.65mm (CSA 0.33mm)
  • Aluminium Braiding
  • Outer Diameter – Coaxial 6mm
  • PVC Jacket
  • Air Spaced Dielectric – Polyethylene
  • Colour: Blue

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Product Description

Easily connect your home entertainment system with the Philips Coaxial Cable. It is for use on TVs, HDTV’s, cable or antenna boxes, satellite, and DVRs. The quality coaxial cable provides a clear audio and video connection with double shield coax protection from signal loss or interference. It requires no hardwiring or permanent installation.

PHILIPS Coaxial Cable Features

High-Purity Copper Ensures Optimum Signal Transfer

The RG59 Coaxial Cable is constructed with a high-purity copper conductor to ensure accurate signal transfer with minimal resistance. The cable also boasts bare copper shielding to protect against signal loss, which means you’ll get a reliable signal and optimum video and audio quality.

Flexible PVC Jacket and Non-Slip Grip Simplify Installation

A flexible PVC jacket protects the cable’s delicate core and also simplifies installation. For further ease of installation, non-slip, ergonomic ends make connecting your components a breeze.

  • Using standard RG59 specification, OFC Oxygen-free copper conductor, low signal attenuation, clearer picture quality.
  • Aluminum foil & braid shield layer, effectively isolate the outside interference, EMI and RFI effect is better.
  • Foaming polyethylene insulation, characteristic of impedance of 7ohms.
  • 5MHz to 1000MHz radio frequency signal transmission.
  • Products comply with RoHS environmental protection standards.
  •  Applicable to digital cable TV, public antenna TV, satellite TV, video monitoring circuit etc


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