NComputing x550 Project at Nursery school in Kampala 6

We were asked by our Clients( A Nursery School – located in Kampala) to help them come up with a solution for their school IT LAB.

Below were some of the conditions to be met:

1 – Minimal Capital investment.

2- Allow each child to work individually on each machine.

3 – Restrict children from opening the DVD ROMs or play around with the CPU with Flash drives

4 – Have different doing different things on the machine. i.e One can be using MS-Paint, while the other is typing a MS-WORD Document while the other is simply watching a movie and so on…

5- In-case the children would want to watch educational videos, then each one would have their own pair of head- phones.

Now, as most of us may agree from the above conditions, it would be best to get each child their own desktop(CPU), Monitor, Keyboard and mouse. … WRONG!!!!!!!

Our solution to the above problem was Ncomputing and below are the split down of Costs in Uganda Shillings and how we got it all setup.

So before I continue, What is NComputing?

NComputing is a hardware device(PCI Card) that is put into one computer and then gives an extension to 5 users hence allowing all 5 users to do their individualized work while just using the resources(Processor, hard drive, RAM, USB ports, and DVD ROM) of that single desktop.


What are the minimum system requirements for NComputing – Main PC(Server PC)?

The machine we got to try on was a Dell Inspiron, Dual Core 2.2GHz With 1GB RAM. And it gave sufficient results. However we recommend any desktop above I3 Processor, more than 500GB Hard Drive Space, and 4GB RAM for best performance.

How is the setup done?

1) The machine to be used as the server is made sure to be having a PCI lot for the Ncomputing Card. The card provides an output to 5 individual monitors for their own individualized desktops as shown in the pictures below.


2) From the main machine pictured above, we installed the NComputing device behind 5 monitors hence extending one CPU’s resources to other five units. To our surprise, all 5 units worked quite well despite the main machine not having minimum system requirements as noted above.


What was the cost of having 5 New computers?

5pcs HP 19″ LED Monitors @ 325,000shs= 1,625,000 shs

5pcs PS 2 Keyboards @ 40,000shs = 200,000shs

5pcs PS 2 Mouse @ 25,000shs = 125,000shs

1pc Ncomputing X550 Unit = 1,350,000shs

1PC Dell Dual Core Main Machine = 1,250,000shs

TOTAL: 4,550,000 ( For 6 New Desktops!!)

Had the client chosen to go for 6 desktops then the total cost of the investment would be 6*1,250,000= 7,500,000 bringing the saving to almost 3,000,000shs.

Not to forget Ncomputing devices do not need additional power to run therefore schools having power issues would be able to work longer on UPS or Battery backup in the up country regions of Uganda.

Are you looking to save costs for your School/ Internet Cafe or office? Then please do get in touch with us.

For Pavan Computers,

Sunit Gadhia

Marketing Head


  1. I just bought NComputing thin clients (X550) but their card was stollen with my server just after one week. I am stuck with the thin client now. Can i sell them to you cheaply, i.e each at 100,000= each or better still can you sell me a PCI card alone. I have receipts for them. Thanks

  2. plz im asking for build school lab for 10 or 15 computer it should cost how much
    also where their this computer factored it

  3. I am interested in having N computing in my internet cafe (5) users ,And I have my 5 LC D monitors .I am asking how much should I raise to get N computing and Also I want to address for your office in Kampala.

    Vianney Museveni
  4. I have five monitors .I am asking how much do I need to buy Ncomputing ?

    Vianney Museveni
    1. Current price for ncomputing x550 card with 5 terminals is 975.000shs

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