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Internet Hotspot System Solution

For most of us this days, internet is part of our daily lives. As an IT solutions provider many customers always ask us, which is the best internet provider (iSP) in Kampala? and most importantly how do we control how much data is used by each user on our network?

Whether you choose MTN, Airel, Vodafone, Tangerine, Roke Telecom or whatever ISP exists in our experience their data prices are almost the same. It is the second part of the question which is interesting whereby each user needs to be restricted as per the restriction rule we want. You need to have some restrictions in place so that we can allot exactly what you want for each user connecting to your network. By doing this correctly you as the purchaser of the internet from this ISPs will definitely get value for your money.

Problem scenario:

A large university which has its campus spread over 5 acres of land, decides to give internet access to its teachers and students. The university management wishes to give 2GB internet data per day to its teaching staff and 500mb to its students. 

Scenerio 2:

A small hotel wishes to give its staff unlimited access to internet and all the guests access to 512 kbps speed internet throughout the time of their stay in the hotel, at the same time they wish to charge their restaurant guests a fixed amount for a fixed time they spend at the restaurant? ie: 1 hour is a free coupon code, 2 hours code is 500 shs, 3 hours code is 5000shs, how will you achieve this?

Pavan Computers Solution

For all the scenarios above, our solution is an access point by made by cambium networks, CNPilot e400. This is the ultimate access point that not only will expand the range of your new or existing wifi network but will also give you capability to generate vouchers with unique passwords for each user based on the restrictions that are set by you.

Cambium E400 Wireless Access Point

In addition each of this access points have the ability to support 256 co-current users and up-to 50,000 users in total on your network. Whats more is that you can monitor your network from the cloud in case of any issues, and have the ability to easily generate login codes uniquely customized as per your requirement. Another unique feature to mention is that when users physically moves from the range of one access point to another, the access points automatically hand over user information to each other on the network. which mean that if you are in the range of access point A and have been allotted 100mbs of data by the network administrator, and you physically decide to move into the range of access point B, access point A will automatically communicate to B and inform how much data you have used up and how much data you have remaining on the network 

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  1. Any Internet Connection 
  2. Any Router with LAN port to connect the Access-point to,
  3. CNPilot E400 Accesspoint purchased from Pavan Computers

And you are good to set your own restrictions(Time validity restrictions, internet speed restrictions, data quota restrictions) for your network, be it your home, office, school, university, hospital, restaurant, internet cafe or any place where you wish to offer wifi to the public. Based on the restriction rule you have set and decided the number of vouchers you want to print for the same, you are able to finally print out the vouchers for your users to use.

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