Save Millions of Shillings in Printing Costs!

Save Millions while printing!

For most organizations, printing is a every day necessisity. Many organizations need to plan in their annual budgets the cost of buying new toners for their printing work. On the other hand most manufacturers will sell their printers at a very low price yet when the user goes to purchase a genuine toner for the printer, the price of the new toner is could be reach up-to 80% the price of printer and in some cases the prices of toners even exceed the prices of printer and the organizations have no option but to pay the price for the toners to continue with their daily work……that is to say till now maybe continuing to read this article will change the above scenario.

Let us face another fact, the organizations do pay the price of original toners and in some cases they are even sold re-filled toners or duplicate toners without them realizing the same.  Or in some cases the organizations are so much fed up in identifying an original toner from a non original that they end up seeking quotations for the Grade B toners only putting their printers life in danger and causing everyday issues with printing work.

Our solution to the above is simple, we have re-branded the toners, in our own names “Officepoint”. Since we do our own sourcing and want to have an established brand name, we make sure the toners are of top most quality. We ensure the end user does not have to go through the trouble of identifying original and refills and make sure the customers is charged a flat price of the toner which is 115,000shs for any toner part number we stock in our brand. We also ensure that the print  yield remains the same as the customer would achieve in the said brand of toner. 

When you compare the prices of “Officepoint” toners to manufactures toner pricing you are assured of saving between 60-70% on the price.  And in case you are a big organization spending millions of shillings yearly on printing costs then you will also be saving millions for the same or if you are a home based customer buying less frequently you still save an average of 70% on your printing costs.

Much more can be written about the advantages of using our toners, but I assure you it would just take one trial of a purchase from us to fully get convinced. 

Below are some of the numbers we currently have in stock and we are keep on adding more so do get in touch with us incase of any queries you may have:






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