Security Cameras

Security cameras… also known as Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) or Video Surveillance. These are very important devices that could at one time turn into a necessity for the security and wellbeing of humans, their property and communities at large. The field of Information Technology grows rapidly at a faster rate with new innovations all intended to make the world a more convenient and secure place to live in. Those that embrace and take advantage of the innovations have witnessed the beauty of using and relying on security cameras to monitor and keep track of what goes on in their homes, businesses, farm projects, ware houses, streets among other sensitive areas. The biggest reason why one wouldn’t be able to embrace the technology of video surveillance is due to unawareness about how these devices work, how to/cost of acquiring and maintaining, installation, types of cameras among other aspects. Well, in this short article let us understand all one needs to know about security cameras.

Types of cameras.

There are various types of security cameras and in this article we shall focus on 2 types which are commonly used in Uganda and throughout the world for basic surveillance use i.e. IP Cameras and Analogue Cameras.

IP cameras

An IP camera is a networked digital video camera that transmits data over a Fast Ethernet link. This means the device can be uniquely identified by an IP address on the LAN or Internet at large and is connected through an Ethernet cable which runs from the camera to another port on the NVR.

IP cameras Showing Ethernet PORT

 Analogue cameras.

Unlike IP cameras, analogue cameras do not use IP addresses or Ethernet cables. The channels of the cameras are connected to the DVR port using coaxial cables or RG-59 cable.

Analogue Camera


Hik Vision is the world’s leading manufacturer of security products and solution. The company is well known for its cameras that are good quality and have a high performance. To add on, Hik vision manufactures both indoor and outdoor cameras that are in kits for both IP and Analogue cameras.

IP Cameras:

They come in a 4 channel kit i.e. 2 weatherproof outdoor cameras and 2 indoor cameras (both 4Mp or 6Mp) with an NVR and cables which go for UGX 1,750,000/= For All our current IP cameras and pricing refer our link(Right click and open in new tab)

An NVR can also be purchased independently. A HikVision 8 channel NVR goes for UGX 750,000/=, and a 16 channel NVR goes for UGX I,350,000/=

 Analogue Cameras:

These come in both 4 and 8 channel kits which includes a DVR and cables. Prices also vary according to the picture quality i.e. either 720 pixels (HD) or 1080 pixels (FHD).        

720 pixels: 4 channel kit goes for UGX 750,000/=

                    8 channel kit goes for UGX 1,200,000/=

 1080 pixels: 4 channel kit goes for UGX 950,000/=

                       8 channel kit goes for UGX 1,500,000/=

Purchasing a DVR independently:

  A 4 channel HD DVR goes for UGX 450,000/=

A 16 channel HD DVR goes for UGX 1,250,000/=

For all other current pricing (Right click here and select open in new tab)

Purchasing a single camera:

Analogue camera Bullet and dome (outdoor and indoor respectively) both go for UGX 120,000/=

IP 4MP (both bullet and dome) HD camera goes for UGX 360,000/=

IP 6MP (both bullet and dome) HD camera goes for UGX 545,000/=


  1. Both IP cameras and Analogue cameras can be viewed remotely  This means the end user can be able to remotely see on thier configured phones/tablets what is taking place at the premises (home, business, farms, warehouses etc) where the cameras are installed even when he/she is at office, travelled or on vacation. In this case, we requre to configure a router with the DVR. We are able to configure as many devices for the cleint as they wish and authorize.

We also consider our clients privacy as one of our top priorities. For this reason we make the cleints device Admin device. After this process any other device that is to be added to remotely view the camera setup, we would always require the Admin’s phone to authorize viewing for the rest of the devices.

  1. Storage of the footage captured by the installed cameras:    The cameras can either be set to capture and record the images on a 24/7 basis or can only be set to capture images when a motion is detected by the strong sensitive sensors embedded in the HikVision cameras. After these images have been captured they are then recorded and saved in a storage known as a Surveillance Hard Drive which is found in an NVR or DVR for IP cameras and Analogue respectively.

Surveillance hard drives are specially designed to run for 24/7 recording and erasing in addition to having higher spinning rates and more RPM’s as compared to a regular desktop hard drive. The prices of Surveillance can be (found by right cliking here and opening page in new tab)

  1. Range covered: The cameras can cover an average distance range of up to 20M and at an estimated angle of about 120° according to Hikvision and this can vary depending on the model and power of the particular camera in question.
  2. Power Supply: Since the cameras are expected to be on capturing 24/7, they therefore require a constant and stable power supply to keep them running.

The source of the power could be a regular electric adaptor where the DVR/NVR are plugged. A power backup, inverter or UPS could also be necessary in situations where the electricity is not stable/load shedding.

In a scenario where a client has separately purchased the cameras and NVR/DVR not in a kit, one is required to acquire a separate CCTV Power Supply to which the cameras are connected to receive the power to keep them on.


After the client has made a choice about which type of cameras/number of kits to acquire to fit his/her satisfaction and probably fit the budget, our professional and well experienced technicians will then meet to talk to the client and agree on the site visit charges which can also vary depending on how far the premises are from the city center and other related relevant issues.

The process of installation:


So incase you are interested to monitor your location from anywhere in the world, feel free to drop us an email with your requirment to [email protected]    

We also do site surveys at a fee of 100,000shs which is refundable on project confirmation.